Scanning Services

Scanning Services

Our scanning pricing is simple, we have two choices, Instant Capture and High Res Scans, we have a set up fee for the first one so its more cost effective to have several scanned at the same time, see scanning prices below. For printing prices and paper types, please visit our printing page.

Case Study / The Process

Step 1
Ron comes in with an original artwork, he has the end goal to sell different sized prints at an art gallery, some people like the painting but can’t afford the original.
Step 2
We take the artwork and scan it so we then have a digital file of the artwork on our system.
Step 3
We then match the colours on our calibrated screens to the original artwork and print test strips to increase the accuracy of colours.
Step 4
Ron then chooses what paper type and size prints he wants, we get to work printing his limited edition Giclee prints ready for collection.

What types of artwork can we scan?

  • ✓ Oil on Canvas
    ✓ Oil on Board
    ✓ Oil on Paper

  • ✓ Acrylic on Board
    ✓ Acrylic on Canvas
    ✓ Acrylic on Paper

  • ✓ Watercolours
    ✓ Fine Line Drawings
    ✓ Charcoal & Pastels

  • ✓ Wax artworks
    ✓ Collages & Assemblages
    ✓ Metallics (please enquire)

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